LEND is a natural extension of the TEN Finance Ecosystem that is currently on the BNB Chain, and soon launching the native $LEND token on the Cube Network! LEND by TEN Finance has plans to quickly expand to Avalanche, Cronos and Ethereum amongst other EVM compatible chains.

LEND will establish pools of algorithmically derived interest rate model, based on current supply and demand of each respective asset. Suppliers and Borrowers of assets interact directly with the protocol in earning and paying a floating interest rate. This is all done without the need to negotiate terms of maturity, interest rate or collateral with any peer or counterparty!

LEND Money Markets will only supply the most liquid assets available to the markets.

LEND by TEN Finance is the first Lending protocol on the Cube Network & BNB Chain to share revenue fees of the platform with its token holders!

LEND is lending and borrowing amplified, with real yield value extraction, from protocol, to holder.

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