TEN Lots

TEN Lots? What is the purpose?

TEN Lots are another way to earn additional passive income through simply staking your TENFI tokens!

We will have three different Tiers of TEN Lots!

  • Tier 1 – 2,500 TENFI (Bronze)

  • Tier 2 – 50,000 TENFI (Silver)

  • Tier 3 – 250,000 TENFI (Gold)

The total amount of TEN Lots available per Tier is below.

  • Bronze — 30,000 (75,000,000 Lifetime Maximum)

  • Silver — 1,500 (75,000,000 Lifetime Maximum)

  • Gold — 200 (50,000,000 Lifetime Maximum)

From these tiers, they are then broken down further with regards to the percentage of the revenue that each tier will get to be split between the TEN Lots holders.

  • Bronze —30%

  • Silver — 40%

  • Gold —30%

NOTE: There will be a limit of 1 TEN Lot per wallet and every time you withdraw from your TEN Lots, your vesting period starts from 0 again.

Vesting! Wait, what is vesting?

In this context of the TEN Lots, vesting of the TEN Lots gives TENFI holders the rights to YIELDEX revenue generated over a period of time. This gives TENFI holders an incentive to hold their tokens beyond the TENFI rewards and APR generated by our vaults!

The vesting period for the TEN Lots will ensure a long-term future both for those that are holding TENFI tokens and also for TEN Finance to continue to evolve but more importantly continue to innovate!

The vesting period is shown below.

TEN Lots Process

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