Rewards & Lockers

Borrowers & Suppliers

  • Users can stake tLEND tokens and receive Platform Fee Rewards in (USDT)

  • Users can unstake at any given point in time

  • Users will be deducted a penalty from their Platform Fee Rewards if they unstake their tokens before Vesting period is complete

  • Penalty Fee Rewards will follow the structure below; • 50% penalty if user unstakes before 30 days • 35% penalty if user unstakes after day 31 and before day 60 • 25% penalty if user unstakes after day 61 and before day 90


  • Users can lock tLEND tokens for three (3) months and will receive Platform Fee Rewards plus Penatly Fee Rewards in (USDT)

  • The locked tLEND is subject to a mandatory three (3) months lock, and cannot be unlocked early

  • Lockers earn the Penalty Fee Rewards from users who unstake their tLEND tokens before the 3 months Vesting period is complete

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