What are TEN tokenomics?

Circulating supply at launch: 0, no pre-mine or allocation to team or anyone else, everyone has equal opportunity to purchasing, staking, farming and claiming TENFI tokens from Day 1

TENFI has a total lifetime supply of 256,000,000 and 0 circulating supply at launch, 2% of supply will be available to purchase directly on on launch date prior to being listed on PancakeSwap.

NOTE: The total lifetime supply will decrease from facilitation of TENFI B2B (Buy to Burn) Contract address:

How does the development team get rewarded?

The TEN development and core team do not have any TENFI tokens pre-allocated or pre-mined for them, therefore, ensuring the success of the TEN ecosystem is of the absolute importance to everyone involved within TEN.

The TEN team will earn their TENFI when TENFI stakeholders allocate a 17.2% development contribution from the TENFI reward yields earned on the platform. The dev contribution fees are paid when the users Claim their TENFI rewards. These earned TENFI tokens will allow for the TEN ecosystem to continuously maintain and ensure the sustainability of the platform to continue to perform by providing robust, yet simplified solutions to earning high yet sustainable rewards.

Developer Contribution Reward

Dev Reward: 17.2% (reduced from 18% after launch of TENFI v2 tokens)

The team is allocated a percentage of the TENFI rewards claimed/earned as a means of compensation which will continue the growth of the TEN ecosystem along with providing for the continued funding of TENSure, supplemental compensation and funding for continued growth of the community and expansion into different markets and chains.

TENFI Block Reward Emissions

128,000 TENFI per day

4.444444 TENFI per block

TEN will conduct a direct distribution of 2% (5,120,000) of the maximum total supply (256,000,000) to be available for purchase at launch.

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