TEN Finance


Diversify your portfolio with just 1 click.
Getting Started with YIELDEX
The YIELDEX was created to cater to the masses that dread the basic yet time consuming task of pairing & un-pairing LP tokens. YIELDEX gives you the opportunity to do so with just 1 click with either BUSD or BNB in your wallet. Now you can diversify your portfolio into multiple LP’s and enjoy yield farming in simplicity.
Each YIELDEX will comprise of 5-8 LP tokens, from multiple AMM’s, allowing for diversification & simplicity while earning LP rewards along with TENFI reward tokens.
  • SLP YIELDEX - Stable LP
  • PLP YIELDEX - Premium LP
  • HYLP YIELDEX - High Yield LP
TEN Finance has been simplifying the defi process since our launch and our new YIELDEX is the evolution of this simplicity of investing into decentralized finance.