Low fees, high quality

Transactional Gas Fee

Gas Fee: 0.3%

Covers transactional network gas fees for the progressive optimization on the TEN platform.

Network Fee (Optimizer fee)

Network Fee: 0.5%

This fee is designated for the compensation of the core team, community incentive programs, community management, social media management, marketing operations in addition to any additional and unforeseen costs that may arise during the course of normal operations.

Burn Fee ($TENFI B2B – Buy to Burn)

Burn Fee: 3.00%

All earn/claim events allocate a portion of these profits for the purpose of buying back $TENFI tokens which in turn are burned, hence $TENFI B2B (Buy to Burn), thus reducing the max total supply of $TENFI indefinitely.

We feel that this burn facilitation will be an enhancement for $TENFI holders & LP's for both the present and future of the TEN ecosystem.

Deposit Fee

Less than 0.10% on initial staked amount as a one-time fee

The deposit fee is used as a means to deter front running tendencies while allowing for liquidity pools to remain sustainable and accumulated LP rewards auto-compounded for the benefit of all LP holders in each respective pool.

Withdrawal Fee

There are no (0.00%) withdrawal fees on the TEN.finance platform

Total Fees: 2.3% - 3.8% on profits + <0.10% on initial capital

NOTE: TENFI Native pools only have the 0.1% Deposit Fee and no other fees on profits etc.

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