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Airdrop of LEND tokens

  • The airdropped LEND is subject to a mandatory three (3) month cliff, and cannot be unlocked early

  • 25% unlocked on day 91 with a further 25% unlocked every 90 days

Requirement for LEND token Airdrop

  • Hold minimum of 10,000 TENFI Tokens

  • 12 month vesting period

  • 25% unlocked every 90 days

  • 2 LEND tokens per 1 TENFI held

  • TEN Finance will check every 90 days for TENFI held, if TENFI falls below 10,000, remaining LEND airdrop will be forfeited as penalty fees to tLEND Lockers.

Airdrops to Various DeFi Communities (Curve, Venus, AAVE, Compound amongst others)

  • 3 month cliff, 25% released every 90 days, subject to longer terms

  • These airdrops are meant to incentivize and engage with different communities to get familiar with TENLend platform

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